Company Focus

Our Purpose: 

Our purpose is to protect, preserve and enhance our customers’ products. 

Our Values:

Environmental, Health & Safety – We sustain a safe and healthy environment that protects our people, our products, our customers, and our community

Integrity – We are open and honest

Continuous Improvement – We push ourselves to be better tomorrow than we were today

Leadership – We take charge and demonstrate courage in creating a sustainable future

Reliability – We say what we mean and honor our commitments

Taking Action– We approach our work with the attitude that there is no better time than now to get the right things done

Quality Statement

We are committed to safety and customer satisfaction by delivering reliable products, and achieving measurable objectives through continuous improvement.

Sustainability Statement

Oracle Packaging is committed to promoting the health and safety of its employees while respecting the environment in the conduct of our business.  We strive to manage our business through a lens of sustainability to benefit this generation and those to follow.  To this end, Oracle seeks to incorporate environmental concerns as a significant priority in company decision-making and embrace alternative practices and procedures to minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve natural resources and restore environmental quality.