Core Capabilities


Flow Wrap
  • Laminations for high speed FF&S equipment
  • Surface or reverse-printed
  • Foil or non-foil barrier options
Cold Form Foil
  • Cold-form foil laminations
Formable Cap
  • Formed cap applications from roll stock
  • Consistent peelability and wide seal window
High Barrier Coatings
  • Press applied, transparent oxygen barrier coating that are chlorine-free and price competitive with PVDC or PVOH coated films
  • Suitable for dry products that require oxygen barrier or are susceptible to flavor scalping
  • Applied to either PET, PLA or OPP substrates
  • Potential applications: Diagnostic, disposables and unit dose pouches.
Cap Liner
  • Heat induction cap insert lid structures
  • Paper or foam backing
Liquid Packaging
  • Laminations for liquid sachets, samplers, and hard to hold products
Metal Seal
  • Seals to coated or uncoated metal can rings
  • Consistent peelability
  • Excellent puncture, tear resistance, and opening
  • Chlorine free
Performance Laminates
  • Corrosion and puncture resistant laminates for diagnostics and aggressive products
Performance Lidstock
  • Advanced coatings, sealants, and/or laminates for hard to hold products
  • Universal Lidstock which seals to multiple substrates
  • Suitable for sealing to a wide variety of container materials (PP, HIPS, PETG, Barex, and HDPE)
  • Optons for all fill conditions and thermal processing in container
Performance Pouch Stock
  • Advanced coatings and/or laminates for hard to hold products
  • Enhanced universal pouch stock
  • Weld-seal and peel-seal pouches using non-foil and foil laminates
Roll-Fed Stock
  • Seals to all common plastics
  • Suitable for cold to hot-fill
  • Foil and non-foil barrier 
  • Paper, Paper-film, PET, and foil laminates
Sterilizable Laminates
  • Designed for autoclave or retort applications using PP or PET barrier containers
  • Cohesive peel with consistent peel force and visual seal footprint
  • EtO, Autoclave and radiation sterilizable lid stock
Sustainable Packaging  (Sustainability Statement)
  • Paper
  • All PET (Recyclable)
  • PLA
  • Foil Reduction/Elimination
  • Polyester Packaging
    • Laminations based primarily on polyester (PET) with reduced carbon footprint
    • Potential for recyclability
    • Surface or reverse-printable
    • Weld or easy-open seal options for lids or pouches utilizing co-PET-based sealants
    • Applications include lids for PET trays (PETG, RPET) or pouches for aggressive products
Wire & Cable Armoring
  • Thermal lamination
  • Film lamination to heavy gauge aluminum, copper & steel sheet stock (6 to 12 mil)
  • One or two side film laminate
Building & Construction custom laminates
  • Adhesive lamination of aluminum foil to: papers, paperboard, plastic films
  • Three layer laminations of aluminum foil/paper/aluminum foil and aluminum foil/paper/film
  • Custom printing of paper, paper/foil, and film/foil laminations
Tobacco Packaging
  • Adhesive lamination of aluminum foil to paper
  • Light gauge foil capabilities to 6µ and paper to 20 gsm
  • Custom slitting of laminations down to 50mm width
  • Water-based and solvent coating and/or coloring of foil laminations
  • Coating and/or coloring of papers (20 to 90 gram paper)